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We provide Online Personal tuition as per requirement of student and parents for CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE, IB & State Board.

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Why QTO Personalized Education is the right choice for Personal tuition from your place?

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1. Best Online Home Tutor as per your Child's Requirement

Before starting to find a Online tutor as a parent, you should clear about your needs, why you want personal tuition? Requirements vary with students. & Experience faculties are capable of teaching your child as per your requirements. In QTO Personalized Education, we teach students to personalized methods as per their requirements. Some of the students want to strengthen their subjects and want to get good marks in school exams; some of them want to make a particular subject very interesting. & Many of them also join because they can't cope up with school like others, as we know, school teachers can't focus on every child. We also help students with their homework and school exams.

qualified and experienced faculty
2. Well Qualified and Experienced Home Tutors

Do you know most of the personal tutors are not qualified, and experienced & students and parents have to bear the whole year? In the field of teaching, the experience is very important. All the faculties with QTO Personaized Education have been selected by the toughest exam, then demo lecture & last interview to check passion about teaching. We check their qualifications, as well. & QTO can be proud to say that only Online Personal tuition who have their tutors & have 100% positive reviews from students.

affordable personal tuition fees at QTO Education
3. Online Home Tuition with Affordable Fees

We all know that in today's world, education is getting more costly day by day. And if we talk about personal tuitions, Fees are higher & also vary with location, standard and experience and qualification of faculty. As QTO Personalized Education is government recognized, we always maintain our quality of teaching with the fees everyone can afford.

tutors who are experts in their subject
4. Top Subject Matter Expert Tutors for Every Subjects

In home tuitions, mostly single tutor teaches all the subjects. And every faculty doesn't have the same knowledge and experience of all. To solve this problem, QTO Personalized Education provides an individual tutor who has experience in their subjects. This will help students to make their concepts clear and achieve good marks in their exams.QTO Personalized Education has personalized tutors for all boards i.e. State board , CBSE , ICSE ,IGCSE

how QTO home tutors provide hand-holding support
5. Hand Holding & Mentoring Support throughout the Course.

In schools, the teacher can't focus on everyone, as there are 30-60 students per classroom. Students also hesitate to ask questions, so their concepts remain unclear. But, home tuition will help students by focusing individually. QTO Personalized Education provides this support to your child, which boosts the inner confidence of a student in a very effective manner. We provide Hand-Holding support of one-one teaching with a proper Mentoring environment, which benefits with many changes to students' activities and studies.

clock represents regularity of tutors
6. Regularity in Lectures and Exams.

As per the current scenario, 70-80% tutors don't take regular lectures because they are college going students or doing a job other than teaching & stops tuition in between of syllabus. & in 95% home tuition, tutors don't take exams. QTO Education knows that regularity in lectures and exams are essential for study and also for student's behavior. As we told you above, we are a team of professional tutors who are experienced and take regular lectures and exams.

QTO Education - Personal/Group Tuition, Home Tuition by BEST Tutors in India

From the past five years, the education system of India is changing drastically. Now, most of students & parents prefer tuitions instead of studying in school. But are you aware that does your child gets personal attention? QTO is the concept in which every student receives individual attention. So, students can easily get good marks in their School/Board exams. Students from Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Mumbai, , Delhi, Surat, Vadodara, Rajkot, Modasa Cities in India can Join QTO Personalized tuition for best quality education.

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